Fantastic Fixed Rope Routes

Tux-Finkenberg and its Spannagel and Penken climbing areas offer the best conditions for unforgettable climbing adventures.

Spannagel fixed rope route
The 200 m long Spannagel fixed rope route is a public facility of Natursport Tirol. It takes you uphill across solid primitive rocks with different climbing techniques. Only the last 15 meters are vertical and made accessible by a ladder. The continuous steel rope only functions as a safety device and not as a support to move on or hang on!

Penken fixed rope route
The fixed rope route for everyone! An ideal opportunity for beginners to enjoy their first high alpine experiences. This fixed rope tours is an alpine climbing park with mainly hard Dolomites-like rocks. We warmly recommend to wear a helmet. This fixed rope route is very family friendly and therefore suitable for children. A big number of climbing hooks will facilitate climbing.

Klettersteig Spannagel Zillertal
Klettersteig Penken Zillertal

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